• Kristen Benevides

Melissa + Ohu

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Story time!

Melissa and ‘Ohu are childhood sweethearts. It all started at St. Ann’s Model School in Kindergarten. Melissa considered ‘Ohu to be her closest guy friend and best friend. When they were in the 5th grade someone dared them to kiss. Not one to turn down a dare, they awkwardly kissed three times in the back stairwell of their school. They started “dating”, but alas, as all little kids in relationships do… they broke up. As Melissa stated in her story “What is dating in 5th grade?!”. They tried going out again in the 8th grade, but that didn’t really work. Melissa jokingly states that ‘Ohu was a playa.

Melissa and ‘Ohu grew apart as they transitioned into high school and found their separate group of friends. However, they still cared for each other and checked in on one another. Life and others tried to pull them in different directions, but they grew closer together and officially became boyfriend and girlfriend in the middle of 9th grade. I’ll finish off with Melissa’s account of the story:

“We survived high school together. We survived our first long distance relationship freshman year of college together (I transferred, I missed him too much). We survived college together. And I know we will survive this life long marriage that God has in store for the both of us. I can’t express enough how truly blessed I am to be married to my best friend, the love of my life.”

I hope you enjoyed their absolutely adorable story! If I ever get the chance to shoot a session with you and your other half, be prepared to tell me your love story =).

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