• Kristen Benevides

Justin + Elle

Eleanor, aka Elle, is one of my best friends and she just got married this past September… whoop whoop! Thought I’d shine some light on her and her husband, Justin.

“I met Justin in 2012 when I got a job at Buzz’s through my cousin, Mark. We were really good friends for about 2 years until we officially became a couple. Within those 2 years I got to really know him as a person and thought to myself, ‘Whoever ends up with this guy is going to be super lucky’. Then I was like…

Yeah… we went there.

“So I’ve never been one to pursue any man, but I felt this guy was really special. Through time, I showed him that I wasn’t like any of the girls he dated prior to me and slowly chipped away at the wall he built surrounding his stubborn heart. When I thought he would never ask me out he surprised me by asking me to be his girlfriend at the top of the Haiku Stairway to Heaven hike. I remember looking haggard, sweaty, dirty, and not pretty from that long hike, but Justin always has a way of making me feel beautiful despite my insecurities. Him asking me to be his girlfriend was one of the happiest moments in my life besides him asking me to be his wife.”

I remember the moment Elle called me to admit she had a crush on Justin. I’ve been a witness to the ups and down, been a listening ear, and was so excited to congratulate Elle after Justin proposed. What I can say is Elle is an amazing person and has always gone above and beyond for those she cares about. She deserves happiness and to feel loved. Congratulations Elle and Justin!

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