Yo... what's crackin?!

So you wanna know more about me?! Well, I'm happy to share.  My name is Kristen Iwalani (Iwalani is my middle name). I am one to embrace being comfortable with the uncomfortable. I am a self-proclaimed nerd (and proud of it) that loves all things Harry Potter, Disney, superheroes, and musicals.  I love food in general, except seafood. Yup, local Hawaiian girl that doesn't like seafood. It's possible. I love adventures, but have no problem kickin' at home with a book or some Netflix.

I started photography as a hobby which later turned into a passion and business. I love meeting my clients and giving them a fun and memorable experience. My heart and why behind all that I do is to connect and serve. My little enneagram 2 heart thrives on this. Did I dazzle you with my personality so far? Well then, let's get to it and get connected!

Let's Connect!

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Derek + Dina

"You are amazing! From the beginning to end, you had helped me planned this whole session in a short period of time. I couldn't have done it without your help. Derek, being the uncomfortable one, told me the photo shoot exceeded his expectations. He felt comfortable the whole time and we both had so much fun during the whole photo shoot.​


You were easy and so much fun to work with! You and your 'assistant' were so organized and made things flow so easily like it was meticulously planned 'to a T.' Not only was it comfortable "on set" but we had fun at the same time. Even the resultant photos at the end really captivated the essence of each moment and brought them to life for all to see."

Ilagan Ohana

"Kristen, you’ve done such a great job handling my family, a party of seven. And most importantly you were so patient with my kids and a baby too, half the time I felt so embarrassed. But overall, you made us feel truly comfortable and helped us just be ourselves.

I’m still in total awe with the photos and how it all turned out. The candid pictures! The little things you told us to do that made it even much more enjoyable. I love that you even remembered my kids names and was able to tell the twins apart, I have five and you got them down! Keep up the great work! I can’t wait for our next photo session. And thank you again, for being so patient with my family and I."


My background is actually in psychology and counseling psychology. I was a high school counselor before deciding to pursue photography as a business. You can read about that journey here.